About the Blog

About the blog

Wiyouthsoccer is a blog that was born from one ex-soccer players vision to help people get motivated and achieve their goals. Our content range dramatically across a number of different categories ranging from business, to art, to pure motivation. As this is more of a personal blog than anything, we want to keep the mood light and not focused on one particular topic, but in general the theme of our posts will relate to winning! 

About the authors

Editor and Founder – Justin W.

Justin was born in rural Wisconsin and began playing soccer from an early age. When he was in middle school, he became fully invested in the sport and went on to play JV and Varsity at one of the biggest universities in Wisconsin. Since graduation he has pursued his passion in creative writing, while still getting in recreational soccer on the side. He has a passion for business, and has delved deeply into the mindset required to stay positive and chase your goals.

Editor and Founder – John T.

John met Justin in college on the soccer field and they quickly developed a close bond. John also shares a passion for business, and particularly loves to take a close look at what the most successful people in the business world are doing to succeed.

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