Building a Home from Scratch

By | April 1, 2017

Back when I was just 10 years old, I told myself I wanted to do something great. Ever since then I have pushed myself hard and fast to be the best at everything I set my mind to. Whether that was varsity sports, keeping active, and even competing in the local spelling bee, I was constantly striving for improvement.

When I got to my mid-twenties, I fell into a rut. I had a car accident that essentially ended up draining my bank account and my savings, leaving me broke. I had to move into a small apartment in a bad part of town, and work 60 hour weeks to pay the bills. This was honestly the lowest point in my entire life and I almost gave up hope that things would get better. I kept working at my job, using my free time to hunt for better opportunities online. I applied to 20 jobs a week, some even in different states until I eventually started getting interviews. This is when I knew things were going to turn around.

I got an interview as a site manager at a big construction company, and took the job. The pay bump allowed me to move into a nicer apartment, and even start putting some money away. Soon I was promoted and began overseeing larger commercial and residential projects for the company. Fast forward two years and I was running my own construction company out of Western New York. I began promoting the company on sites like and Homeadvisor, and soon had a few clients of my own and one or two long-term projects. These projects soon manifested into multiple clients, new locations, and me close to retirement.

Now I am building my own home in Amherst, and living how I imagined I would be when I was ten. The point of this post is to let you know that no matter how low you think you are, you just need to find the right opportunity and seize it. Most of all, do not give up on your dreams, and always work towards achieving your goals.

As one of my favorite quotes of all time reads: “If you are not working towards your dreams, someone else will hire you to work towards theirs”.

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