Building a New Home Pt. 2 – The Problem

By | July 15, 2017

Building a new home from the ground up is a massive undertaking, and I was fully aware of that. However, I was not prepared for the problem that would arise down the line that literally made me feel like a shell of my former self. I accidentally made that post somewhere else on the site (linked below), but I’ll give you a brief summary here.

The problem

After construction was complete, I began feeling tired, sluggish, and my memory was hazy. I knew something was wrong because, after all, I had just made the biggest comeback of my life, beaten the odds, and come out on top. I should have been elated!

The problem was that I had mold in my new house, and it was having a profoundly negative effect on my mental wellbeing. Check out the full story in the link above!

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