Coffee VS Espresso – What Gives The Best Boost?

By | January 7, 2017

What is the Best Way to Win?

If you want to gear your life towards success, the best way to do it is to start from the minute you wake up, and go until the moment you go to sleep. The common issue for people however, is getting the energy and motivation needed in the morning to get yourself going. So, how do you get motivated in the morning? For many people, the answer lies in coffee or other types of energy drinks. Since I personally like coffee (or a certain coffee-ish drink hint hint), that is what I will be covering in this post. For some people, coffee is fine, but for me (and others) espresso is the drink of choice, as it packs more of a punch. There are pros and cons for both and to find out what is best for you, we will be comparing which is best!

Espresso – Tasty and Powerful

“True” Espresso has been popular across the world for years, and is certainly becoming more popular in the United States. For me, my first experience was in Europe when I had my first cup of European espresso. Having only ever drank coffee before, I was floored by the taste and high caffeine content that espresso brought to the picture. Upon returning to the U.S, I immediately threw out my old coffee machine and began searching for espresso machines. There was a lot more that goes into making espresso than regular coffee, and after substantial research I found a few sites that could help. Your Best Espresso Reviews was a great resource for me when it came to picking the espresso machine I ultimately wanted to buy, and offered great information (including the difference between semi automatic and super automatic machines) that helped my decision. If you go this route, you will need to figure out your budget, research some tips for buying espresso machines (found here) and weigh the cost vs use benefits.

More lovers of espresso!!

Coffee – Americas Standard

As you may have guessed from the above section, I prefer espresso over coffee, but what does coffee offer? For one, coffee is cheaper. It is also more readily available, can be made with much less effort, and much quicker. A cup of coffee can be ready to go in as little as a minute (if you have something like a Keurig) and this is a big plus for many people. However, if you really want that extra punch in the morning, espresso will definitely be the way you want to go in this authors opinion.

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