Dealing with Mold in my New Home

Problems are only Short-term!

As I mentioned in my last post, I hit a low point in my life when I had a car accident, almost went broke, and, well you can read the rest. Coming out of that rut, I began to build my own home and it was honestly one of the highest points of my life. This blog is all about keeping your head in the game and maintaining the mindset necessary to win, but what happens when life throws another curveball at you?

You need to keep your head high and push past it!

So what happened? The house was almost done, but torrential rain had come down on the construction site mid build. Thinking nothing of it, we continued the project and eventually it was finally finished. I was elated, and began moving my belongings in. A couple months later, I noticed that I was constantly fatigued, had trouble waking up in the morning, and was having a hard time remembering things – like I was living in a dream. I knew that something was off, so utilizing the internet, I looked up my symptoms and found, to my horror, that I was exhibiting signs of mold exposure.

Dealing with the Mold

I knew immediately that this was a very likely cause of the terrible way I now felt, so I quickly went about searching for someone to check the house. I found a national mold removal company, and they sent a representative out to do an inspection. Being new to this, I did some research to determine what a mold inspection entails, and was delighted to find the person they sent out did a thorough job. They came back with the results and informed me that mold was growing in my basement, and had spread through the air ducts of the home. This was terrible news (obviously), so I got a quote and was promptly floored by the price.

Unfortunately, I knew that I had to get the problem taken care of, so I called the company who did the inspection (Toxic Mold USA of Buffalo) and had them come out to provide remediation. They took care of the problem and I am happy to report that I’ve been feeling 100% better since the mold was removed.

For any of you feeling similar symptoms, I highly suggest consulting your primary care physician to determine the cause! 

If you suspect you have mold but are not sure, check out the below video for tips on identification!

What is the point?

So what is the point of all of this? The point is that while a problem may seem insurmountable (in this case incredibly expensive), it does not mean it cannot be overcome. In this case, I took out a loan, paid for the service, and as a result I feel more energized, lively, aware and back to my old self.

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